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Castiel x Reader: Guardian Angel in a Trenchcoat

Hello everyone! I've been wanting to write a Castiel/Reader insert but haven't gotten around to it till now. This is my first time writing a Supernatural and even Castiel anything so please do consider I might be a on it (I'm also on Season 5 of Supernatural.) I am willing to take requests for these as well though. :)
P.S: I will be basing these off of an OC I have in mind for this. Anyway, I hope you enjoy and let me know what you think.
You felt like you never fit in anywhere, you always seemed to be in trouble. Whether it was someone bullying you or fighting off the demons you were hunting with your brothers, you felt like someone was watching over you and protecting you somehow.
You thought it must be your mother or...a guardian angel. Your father and brothers didn't really talk much about angels as they were busy hunting demons. You learned about angels from your friends and the church their parents would take you to as a li
:iconfreakismyword:freakismyword 138 7
Angel Impersonation(Team Free WillxReader)
Summary: You find a trenchcoat among the boxes in the bunker.
It was another day of searching through the many rooms of the bunker. Today’s room of choice was one that was dedicated to clothes for various disguises and alias’, along with the occasional box of casual clothing.
“Why did they need so many ties?” Sam questioned. “This is literally the third box I’ve found stuffed with them."
“I don’t know but I must say, I sure do admire their collection of sunglasses,” Dean replied as he slipped on a pair of reflective aviators.
“Hey, hey guys look,” you said as you pulled on a trench coat that was very similar to a certain angel’s. “I’m an angel of the lord,” you said with a lowered voice.
“No thanks (y/n),” Dean said. “One angel is enough to deal with.”
“But Dean,” you said, still trying to sound like Cas, “I’m the one that gripped you t
:iconcallmewinchester:callmewinchester 898 288
SupernaturalxReader - Nightmares
Supernatural x Reader
A/N: In all honesty, I’m only up to season 4 right now. Sooo.... All of this happened before the apocalypse c:
The motel door flung open in rage by no other then Dean Winchester.
“Damn it (y/n)!!” Dean shouted. He set down his weapons on the bed. Sam followed into the room with you from behind. Dean was currently bandaged up from a few wounds. The three of you were taking care of a spirit when you let your guard down by accident. And well, this happened. Dean saved you but he got hurt in the process.
“I-I’m sorry!” You apologized, on the brink of tears.
“You could’ve gotten one of us killed. I don’t think an apology is gonna make it up.” Dean turned around to face you. Sam was standing near the two of you in case he needed to interrupt anything...
“... I know I almost got one of you killed, it’s entirely my fault for it!” You yelled at him, already having tears fall down. Your legs soon
:iconfinitedreams:FiniteDreams 262 33
Timeout (WinchestersxReader)
Summary: After Bobby gets annoyed with you and the boys he decides to punish you like kids.
“What? A shifter? A vampire? You’re gonna have to speak up,” Bobby said into the phone. “Will you knuckle heads quiet down in there!” he yelled into the living room. You, Sam and Dean were originally playing cards but ,after several snide remarks from you, the game was forgotten and you were currently being pinned down by Sam while Dean tickled your ribs. The sounds of the Winchester’s laughter and your pleads for mercy filled the house and Bobby wasn’t able to hear anything the hunter on the phone was telling him.
“It’s a rugaru? Just grab a blowtorch and barbeque the bastard and you’ll be good. Yeah….yeah… no problem good luck,” Bobby said hanging up the phone. “HEY!” he yelled, causing the brothers to stop and look back at him. “Some of us are trying to run a hunter intelligence cente
:iconcallmewinchester:callmewinchester 749 144
Sugar Fix (SPNxReader)
“Cas do you hear that?”
“Hear what (y/n)?” He asked as he watched you leaning against the vending machine, stroking the glass.
“That Rice Krispie treat, it’s calling my name,” you said staring down at the shiny blue packaging. Cas tilted his head to the side, confused at your words. He was very relieved when Dean walked by on his way to the Impala.
“Dean, I believe something is wrong with (y/n). She claims that that snack is attempting to converse with her.” Dean just laughed and reached into his pocket for his wallet.
“She’s just hungry and needs her sugar fix. Which one do you want (y/n)?”
“That chocolate Rice Krispie right there,” you said staring hungrily at the bar. Before Dean could put the dollar in the machine there was a fluttering of wings behind you.
“I hear someone’s in need of a sugar fix?”
“Gabriel!” you exclaimed running to give him a hug.
“Hey kiddo,
:iconcallmewinchester:callmewinchester 714 59
Supernatural x Hunter!Reader- My niece, Idjits!
Winchester Brothers and Castiel's P.O.V~
The Eldest brother, Dean Winchester keeps a hold on the gun in his hand while his younger brother, Sam Winchester holds the flashlight, looking around I'm the dark forest. While the angel, Castiel looks around behind them,
The brothers were looking for Rugarus* since the numbers of it was expanding, so Bobby Singer ask them to keep a look out.
"You see any, Sam?" Dean asked as he look around, "Not that I can see.." Sam answered.
"No wait, I think I hear something..." Castiel stopped as he look closely.
Suddenly. They heard rustling of the bushes and trees. They froze and the sound stopped, they shook their heads and continued walking.
They were ambushed by some rugarus. About 4 of them, looks like they already had a few meal before since blood was dripping and flowing down their chin. Dean pulled the trigger a few times on the rugaru's chest or forehead. But alas, it did not affect anything on them. The rugarus s
:iconvergeanneorblossdex:VergeanneorBlossdex 251 25
Homecoming Part two
The next day you were scrambling around trying to get ready. You had decided to wear matching purple flats and did your hair and makeup. You made it so that you could hide your weapons on your legs where no one could see them, but they were still accessible. At around 5:30 there was a knock at the motel room door. You and your brothers froze and looked to each other. You tried to get to the door first, but they beat you to it. They open the door and there stood Edric with his hair combed to one side and wearing a really nice suit. By this time your brothers had gone into their “touch-my-sister-and-you-die” mode.
“Hello, um, is (Y/n) here?” He shuffled around trying to get a look into the room. Sam kind of smiled and replied.
“Yes, she is. She is still in the bathroom getting ready.” From your point of view you saw Sam wave his hand at you, telling you to go finish getting ready. You huffed and rolled your eyes, but did what he asked. As soon as Sam a
:iconkrystacorn:krystacorn 83 16
Homecoming (BigBrother!Winchesters/Reader) part 1
“Come on, little sis. You need to go to school.” Dean nudged you with his foot off the bed. It was such a pain sharing with him. You landed with a thud.
“Dean!” You heard a self satisfied chuckle as you threw a pillow at him. You felt extremely uncomfortable with this school. It was weird. They were in the middle of this thing called ‘homecoming’. They dressed like fools, decorated each hallway differently, and were obsessed with football. You didn’t know why, and you didn’t ask either of your brothers.
You got yourself ready as Sam entered the room.
“Ready to go?” He was dropping you off today.
“Yeah, go to the car. I’ll be there in a sec.” You had an idea for revenge, and you needed a quick getaway. Sam went to the car and you got a cold cup of water. You walked over to your eldest brother, who still had a smirk on his face by the way, and poured it right on his head.
:iconkrystacorn:krystacorn 148 16
Drabble 11: Right (Supernatural x Child!Reader)
Dean’s eyes search warily as he watches you bound up yet another set of doorsteps.
“Calm down, Dean,” Sam says with a soft sigh as he watches you knock on the door, chatting with the other children as you each await an answer.
Dean sighs somewhat huffily, a lone hand running through his hair,
“Calm down? How the hell am I supposed to be calm?”  the elder Winchester gruffs out under his breath, “It’s Halloween, Sammy. The day where everything always seems to go to hell—oh you can count on it.”
“I know, but if you keep behaving so skittishly you’ll freak (name) out. She can already tell something is up.”
Sam slyly gestures to you with a nod of his head in your direction. Even amongst the bundle of children, both brothers can make out your slight form. You’re rocking a bit nervously—back and forth on your heels—and Dean can immediately tell it has nothing to do with you being shy. Despite being
:iconmikinataka:mikinataka 232 59
Drabble 10: Fixed (Supernatural x Child!Reader)
I think that I want to stay forever young. I wonder if I keep smiling, luring them in with my childlike innocence, then perhaps they'll never want to leave.
But judging by what I am I can already see the end results. Sometimes half and half do not make a whole. Instead they consume one another, canceling the other out until neither exists. I cannot have both my 'perfect' worlds: to stay oblivious—naïve—and to always stay with my family. Because if try to, both will crumble into pieces I could never salvage.
I truly want to stay in the dark...
But I want to stay with my family a million times more.
Aside from the muffled sound of the radio, the impala is mostly quiet. Even Curt has long since settled down, resting peacefully inside the cup holder. You run a lazy finger about the top of his gelatinous head and even in his sleep the pale blue creature purrs. You glance over to Cas who, like you, was leaning against the car door and peering out the window. The filtering mo
:iconmikinataka:mikinataka 246 53
Drabble 9: Prayer (Supernatural x Child!Reader)
“So I can come with, right?”
Impatiently and eagerly you lean on the bathroom doorframe as you watch Sam and Dean shuffle about the motel room, gathering their gear to set out for tonight’s hunt. Sam gives Dean a quick sidelong glance, but when Dean says nothing Sam opts to follow suit. You sigh to yourself as you garner their response. No words needed. They always said no. Curt makes a soft assuring noise as he zips through the air to nestle himself upon your right shoulder. You give the small creature a small smile, gently caressing the top of his head with two fingers. Curt purrs delighted and your smile grows.
“Is Cas going too?”
It’s been almost a month since Cas’ last visit. You may have been young, but even you could tell from his haggard state that things in heaven had been getting rough.
“Yeah. He’s going to meet us there,” Sam replies, speaking at long last, as he slings his backpack over his shoulder and turns to fa
:iconmikinataka:mikinataka 232 28
Drabble 8: Spring (Supernatural x Child!Reader)
April Showers, May Flowers
There wasn’t much to do here, you thought with a sigh as you shifted dramatically on the hood of the impala, after having spent a few minutes picking the few flowers that managed to grow in the cracks of the sidewalks and placing them in your pocket. Sam said that he and Dean had to go into the building across the way and play FBI with the nice people there. You’d asked if you could tag along this time, after all that game always sounded like so much fun. But, as always, Dean had been quick to forbid from joining in on such pastimes. So here you were bored and most impatient as was Curt, who had to remain inside your jacket pocket whenever you were all outside.
“Sam is a non-truthteller, Curt. He said Iowa was going to more fun than Ohio,” you complain before throwing your hands up into the air, “It’s just as boring here as it was in Ohio!”
Curt shifts a bit in your pocket before peeking outside the flap of the
:iconmikinataka:mikinataka 291 65
Drabble 7: Let it Snow (SupernaturalxChild!Reader)
"Curt! I swear to god! I'm going to kill this thing!" Dean exclaims, flour covered hands balled into fists.
"Dean! No saying the lord's name in vain! You'll hurt Cas' feelings...”
The look on your face is most intense as you frown at the elder Winchester.
"I've become accustomed to it, (y/n),” Castiel says simply as he struggles with the rolling pin.
"Maybe, but I wouldn't want someone to talk about you and Sam, or Dean like that so..."
Dean wants to roll his eyes, but that puppy dog look on your face makes him think otherwise. He sighs wearily as shifts his gaze back to the kitchen counter in front of you all.
"Fine. I swear I'm going to kill this thing. Better?"
"Nope! Sam said no 'swearing' and you can't hurt Curt. He's just trying to help."
Dean gives you a flat look and responds with a grin, shifting over on the step stool to give the man a half hug. He sighs at the gesture as he tears his eyes from you, moving them to rest on Curt.
"Yeah, well that shape-shifting thin
:iconmikinataka:mikinataka 318 57
Drabble 6: A Keeper (Supernatural x Child!Reader)
“Are we done yet?” You whine pitifully as you trail behind Dean, Sam following closely behind you.
“No,” Dean replies gruffly for the umpteenth time since you all arrived here.
“Are we going to be done soon?”
Dean sighs heavily, turning around to give Sam a look, “I told you we should’ve just left her at the motel.”
“If you think she’s trouble now, imagine how much trouble she’d cause out of our sights.”
“I would eat all of Dean’s candy!” you exclaim honestly, throwing your arms up with glee.
“Wait. How do you know I have a candy stash?”
“Uhh…I don’t?” you say with a most unconvincing smile.
“Alright, I’ll take the blame for the flaws in her language, but this stealthy secrety thing has got to be your fault.”
“My fault?” Sam inquires as he flashes his flashlight across Dean’s face, making his brother step back from the
:iconmikinataka:mikinataka 332 78
Drabble 5: Words (Supernatural x Child!Reader)
The radio resting on the open windowsill begins to sing its newest tune—your favorite song—and quickly you hop down from your chair, abandoning the bowl of cereal in pursuit of Castiel. You find the angel sitting on the porch and eager you tug at the collar of his coat.
“It’s on! It’s on!” you chant frivolously as you bounce excitedly in place, hands still at the collar of the trench coat.
“What is?” he inquires, head titled slightly to the side in apparent perplexity.
“My song! My song! My song is on!” you exclaim moving down a few steps to stand in front him, rocking gently in place with a grin.
Castiel looks to the open window across the way, silently listening as the melody floated about on the air. You again attempt to urge him to his feet and wordlessly the angel abides. With your hands in his, you proceed to drag him to area of the porch closest to the radio, jumping in place and swaying as you attempted to dance to the
:iconmikinataka:mikinataka 333 54
Drabble 4: The Fight (Supernatural x Child!Reader)
“Goddamnit!” Dean exclaims as he ducks behind a tree, rubbing at his reddening cheek
“You can’t hide there forever!” you yell, excitement flooding your veins.
You glance to Sam and he gestures with his head for you to stay put and maintain the fort. You nod firmly, squatting down in place as you peeked over the bundled patch of snow and watching Sam stealthily make his way towards Dean's cover. He pats lightly at the snowball in his hand, prepped and ready to fire at a moment’s notice. Sam too ducks behind a tree still within your line of view. He points to a specific tree and then gives you the signal.
You take off as quickly as you can, charging at top speed and ultimately crashing into Castiel knocking you both down onto the snowy ground. At the sound of Castiel’s grunt Dean moves to see what happened and Sam lands yet another snowball, clipping Dean’s shoulder before bursting into a fit of laughter
“The two of you are goddamn ch
:iconmikinataka:mikinataka 368 68



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